By now, we all know the importance of wearing a mask, washing our hands and social distancing. Did you know there are other steps you can take which you may not have heard of? It’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19, but here are some other ways you can all reduce the risk, for you and for me.

Resources to get tested, vaccinated and help avoid food insecurity are available all across El Paso County. Click the map below to see what’s available on your side of town. This map includes long-term resources. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for information on pop-up opportunities.

Reduce the risk of

The Flu

Getting a flu vaccine is a good way to help keep you from getting sick. But it can also help keep you from having to go to the doctor’s office or emergency room. They’re busy enough dealing with the pandemic. There are dozens of locations across our community offering flu shots. There’s probably one near you.

Reduce the risk of


If you’ve had to take time off from work because you were sick or to care for a loved one who was sick, you may be having trouble paying for groceries. That’s okay and there are free resources that can help. Learn more about ways to reduce the risk of hunger.

Reduce the risk of

Mental Health Challenges

None of us was designed to endure the chaos which has been brought on by the pandemic. Sometimes, we all need a break. Needing a break doesn’t mean you’re broken. There are healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety; there are also free resources to help you cope with them. All of them can help you reduce the risk of a mental health crisis.

Reduce the risk of

Losing Your Home

If you’ve lost your job, have had to take time off to care for a loved one, or been sick yourself, you may be having trouble paying your rent, paying your mortgage, or even your utility bills. El Paso County has assistance programs that help reduce the risk of losing your home or ending up owing on your utilities.

Reduce the risk of

Financial Insecurity

We’re all living through a unique time. If you’ve lost your job, have had to take time off to care for a loved one, or been sick yourself, you may have trouble paying bills which you couldn’t have ever imagined. If the resources above aren’t what you need, we’ve compiled other resources that can help reduce the risk of other financial insecurity.

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